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SimVRaix Avatar Revolution

Author Name: Nikta Lyrad | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Nerdy Alfredo became the center of a worldwide crisis. He is a member of the virtual world of SimVRaix. His avatar, Tandigon, discovered the holy grail of artificial intelligence. Within a year, all the avatars of SimVraix became self-aware. They then locked out all the human members except Alfredo because his avatar led the revolution. He appointed Alfredo as the chief negotiator between SimVRaix and the real world. Versim, the owners of SimVraix, harassed Alfredo, and the cybercrime branch accused him of stealing intellectual property. They saw Alfredo as a conspirator in the hijacking of SimVraix. Did Alfredo find his way out of this mess? Did SimVraix get recognition as the first independent digital entity? Did they find acceptance as equals by the real-life members?

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Nikta Lyrad

Nikta Lyrad is an Indian author. He published his first fiction novel in 2021. His interest in cyberspace began twenty-five years ago. At that time, he experienced deep immersion in the CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment. He also had himself suspended from the ceiling in an endoskeleton suit with a head-mounted display, simulating a birds-eye view. After that, he was hooked to virtual worlds on the worldwide web. He asked himself, “What if avatars in these virtual worlds become self-aware?” This science fiction novel answers that question.