by Rahul Kumar Pandey


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

Sky, God and a Clown is a story about small things in life. It is about two brothers playing hide and seek in a summer noon. It is about a mother who loves telling stories. It is the story of a daughter who dares to fight against the evil society's spirit. It is about a father who stands tall to protect his family. In short, Sky, God and a Clown is about a Clown's journey to find his Sky and God!!

About the Author

Rahul Kumar Pandey, the author of Sky, God And A Clown is from Jharia, a small town in Jharkhand. He did his schooling from De Nobili where he was introduced to the world of books and novels. In 2010 after successfully completing his in electronics from IIT-BHU, with writing and directing nine plays to hiscredit, hejoined a software firm as a QA guy.

Apart from writing poems and day dreaming, he loves observing people. Reading novels is another of his passion and he loves the work of eminent writers like Vikram Seth and KhaledHosseini.

Being an observer and a bibliophile, writing comes natural to him. Sky, God and a Clown, his maiden novel, is a tribute to millions of middle class families in India. It is about their life, their sorrows and their happiness.It is about the unsung heroes in every family.It is about the skies, gods and the clowns around us!

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