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Soul Together in a Cursed Castle Get along with your darkness

Author Name: Noorah Omar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Soul Together in a Cursed Castle is fiction. This is a story of a young girl, Annah at the age of 19. Azman falls in love with Annah who faces a dynamic dilemma in her life as a young adult. Annah loves her solitude more than anything. Would she accept Azman? Meanwhile, Annah was kidnapped to an Island. Will  Azman find her? What happened to Annah and Azman? Who kidnapped Annah and actually, who is Azman? Thus the narration has interesting turns and unexpected background in her story. The story is about how they undergo dilemmas and how they get rid of the curse. Find the narrator who is narrating secretly with interesting turns. Clue; The narrator must be her closest one. Also, The author had invented a  fascinating new theory, "Darovianism". Are you Darovian too?  On the other hand, the author introduced a new theory named, "Darovian theory" inside the Dark literature and Gothic Literature. The book contains what darovian means and who are all called Daroviais? Why does the author bring up this theory? What does the theory suppose to be? what are you still waiting for? Just buy and swim into the book. Who knows perhaps you could be one among the Darovian. See you inside the book... Make sure to come to visit me. I'm waiting...

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Noorah Omar

Noorah Omar is a young writer who is sprouting her writings from the levels of Quotes, Articles, and poetry to the level of writer. She loves her passion to the core of her heart. She hopes and practices to be a Transceovian who is living as a darovian and believes in Transcendentalism. She believes in working with passion. She is a supporter of Transcendentalism and Islamism..