by Lolita Jude


Type : Paperback


Summary of the Book

After a rewarding academic year at school, the members of the ‘Aces Club’ – Jude, Cara, Mignonne, Dom and Veronica have great plans for a relaxed and fun-filled vacation.On the very first day of their holidays they encounter ‘Spectra’ while playing a casual game of cricket on the beach.Suddenly, their simple vacation takes an unexpected turn, their plans are pushed aside as ‘Spectra’ becomes the centre of their lives. The weeks that follow are nothing they could have envisaged in their most wildest dreams....

About the Author

The author has worked extensively with children and strongly believes that every child must enjoy their childhood and dream the impossible dream thus living their

life to the fullest. Through her work she hopes to inspire them to think out of the box and reach for the stars and make each day of their lives one gigantic picnic.

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