Stories from Kurukshetras of Life

by Jyothi Vatturi


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

How content are we in life? Be it with our personalities, or the choices we make, we are never satisfied with the wealth we have and the power we possess. Relationships are often filled with disgruntlement at each other. Resentment persists in many aspects of life, leaving us with no trust or faith in God. We tumble, toss, wrestle and are impaired on this bumpy ride in life which we attract, with our attitudes. The book comprises the emphasis on values that have been woven into a set of short stories to help you find wisdom in this bumpy ride called Life.

About the Author

Jyothi Vatturi is an IT Professional with formal education in Engineering. Amidst the mundane routine of daily activities, her creativity found a channel of expression, and she began capturing these random musings as short stories. Her areas of interest include yoga, meditation, spirituality and ancient scriptures. She likes to spend her leisurely time with nature, taking long and silent walks which refresh and rejuvenate her. She is an active volunteer of the Art of Living Organization, conducting yoga workshops and courses.

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