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Author Name: Shradha Nanchahil | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

It is not always HE left YOU or YOU left HIM,

It's simply some times, DESTINY left US..."

There comes a time in relations that you just *don't* or *can't* be together. There may be family problems OR there can be future insecurities OR when you have had too much of each other OR fading trust OR even long distance troubles. The reasons of breaking apart are a lot more than one can imagine. Love is a wide term, where in you may still love the person but you just cannot opt for being together with them, for the betterments in future of lives the departure seems better. Those make as incompletely, complete love story. Where you are still in love but just not together. You have an assurity that the other person will listen to all that u say, You still know just a text and all would be back on track,

You still know how late it gets in night your one call and they'll receive,

You still know the restrictions would still be accepted,

You still knw how hard it gets they'll still care,

But you know an extra point, that you still have lost all the rights over that person...

At this point it's better to back off for the happiness of the other and a complete belief that the love was so pure. Those all love you's were the most honest and from the bottom of the hearts. It's better to part with a feeling that no one could love you the way he did and vice versa than to face the destiny's call. The more you'll be together the more tough it will get to move on. Not that this reduces the moving on *pain* but it surely gives you courage to know you cared more for his happiness then your happiness in him. True love never dies. And its all fine to have a ending where its not happily ever after but happiest for whatever you shared together...


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Shradha Nanchahil

SHRADHA NANCHAHIL, the author of Stuck in the Moment is from Ludhiana, the heart of Punjab. She did her schooling from Kundan Vidya Mandir School. She is now proceeding into B.Sc. This is her first debut novel by which she wants to ruin the hearts of the people.

Apart from writing, she is a Facebook freak. Reading novels is another passion. She is a great fan of Ravinder Singh. Being 18 year old her subject for fiction is romance. Her friends call her an introvert because she doesn’t likes talking much. She is the girl of her words. Her novel Stuck in the moment is a tribute to true love and the true lovers..!!