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Parents of middle class family dream their children to be a part in Administrative services, without taking least care of their children’s personal interest. So was the case with Rajan, the slum hero of the novel. He had dreams of his own, but something disastrous happened that changed his life. He failed miserably in his high school exam, passing with poor marks that led his father to issue the ‘farmaan’ that he would peruse his further studies with art stream (just opposite to his expectations, anyway he never wished to study art like girls). But something worse was yet to come. In order to convince a girl for his friend, he fell in love with that girl, who was daughter of a devil in man, Kalicharan, the M.P. After passing their graduation, both prepare for IAS exam. He takes it as T20 championship and as Indian cricket team would do, he also lost, but till then he had gathered treasure worth billions. His dream girl overcomes the hurdle but there're more hurdles waiting in their love story and future. There’re two arch enemies, their respective fathers. Kalicharan & Karia Anna are the main obstacles in their way. The former bullies him at their 1st meeting and wouldn't allow taking away his daughter too easily and later who wished his son to be an IAS, wouldn't allow him to get his goal easily. What would Rajoo do when there is no one to back him?

It’s a conflict between-

Love V/S Relation

Desire V/S Dreams

Son V/S Father

Student V/S IAS T20

Having a metal-heart to struggle with any circumstances, both Niraj (Action) & Abhiskek (Abhi),denizens of historic city Jaunpur have dreamed altogether to reform the current filthy and gruesome society with their most fatal weapon - a five inches metallic stick, that you call pen. Niraj with his most fertile, imaginative and creative mind gives a shape to his thoughts and webs a story around it while the soul of his body Abhishek undertakes the responsibility to express it in all blue and black in most correct way. Having a gentle and pure heart and who see their life in their friends and provide and oath making friendship, former desires to be a great dramatist and fashion designer, while the latter is destined to be a professor of English of which he is a true devotee. Currently they are students of P.G. in English from T.D.P.G. College, the educational hub of Purvanchal








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