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Susp'ENDED 10 short stories

by Sudha Ramnath

Format: Paperback

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Why did every one hate Sheila? Neighbours... kids… dogs... and even plants?

It is not a whodunit but howdunit. How was the Tanzanite stolen?

What secret past did Ridhima Mashi have connecting her to Dilbahar Hotel?

Each of the 10 stories has endings you would not ordinarily guess. But who knows? Maybe you are good at guessing the susp’ENDINGS???

From being part of a ladies drama troupe specialising in male roles, to writing plays, from living on a remote island near Madagascar to skydiving from 18,000 feet, Sudha Ramnath has quite the penchant for crafting experiences. She has formed a Theatre club 'Indardanush' made of Indian expats in Tanzania, Africa. She has also written, directed and staged three plays in Indian English there. She’s done the regular things too – worked in a bank, married a man who she says is the sane part of her life, taught math and chemistry and is a “mad but loving mom” to two blessings she calls children. While others like her drew up grocery lists and laundry schedules, Sudha made plans to live the moments and stuck by it – she made the pilgrimage to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis, danced like there was no tomorrow at a flash mob in San Francisco and stood by the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. This collection of thrillers is another check off against the bucket-list and a dream come true, but true to her spirit, there’s bound to more for where there is an end, Sudha sees a beginning.








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