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Tanakpur Reminiscence of a Soldier

by Dr. Capt. J. Prasad

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

The early hours of falling night in the jungle, with its cool breeze laden with unknown sweet smell was intoxicating. It was a glorious moonlit night…

I had a straight fall from several hundred feet. I squatted to hold the rock but there were loose stones; the reflection of the sun on the distant snow-covered peaks was dazzling the eyes…

``--The prelude of the book inspired interest in me to read a few chapters to judge the veracity of the author's proclamation. But once started I could not resist my desire to finish the book. --- It is amazingly interwoven memoirs of events, narrated in the form of short stories, gives pleasure of a fiction reading. I must congratulate the author for his absorbing narratives of ……….. A delightful reading -----"

------- Dr Prof. R P Mishra.

``---well written in absorbing narration --- we find potential in the book -- deserves to reach general readership. ----"

---- Max Stern, Chief Editor, Olympia Publishers, London
`` Very nicely written with excellent narrative of facts and events --- My Congratulations."

---- Lt. Gen. SC Verma, PVMS. Rtd. Director General of Army Medical Services.


Born in 1935, Dr. Capt. J. Prasad is a well-qualified, successful surgeon. He served as surgical specialist in the Armed Forces Medical Services and retired in the cadre of Director, Health Services of the Government of Bihar. 

He has great inclination for art and Hindi Literature that led him to establish Kala Niketan, which was a source of inspiration for new artists, writers and students from 1945 to 1967. He has also published a Hindi book Apani Dharati Apane Log.








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