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Tantra 2.0 Modern Interpretations of an Ancient Yoga

Author Name: Chaitanya Prabhu Hakkaladaddi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

Get ready for a mind-expanding journey into the world of Tantra 2.0. In this ground-breaking book, the author combines his scientific background, journalistic expertise, and personal experiences to present Tantra Yoga in a fresh and accessible way. Say goodbye to vague spirituality and irrelevant symbolism as he guides you through the practice of Tantra with clarity and practicality. With over 25 years of writing and a deep passion for the Science of Consciousness, the author offers a unique perspective on this ancient practice. Prepare to transform your understanding and experience of Tantra with this thought-provoking and enlightening read.

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Chaitanya Prabhu Hakkaladaddi

Chaitanya Prabhu Hakkaladaddi has had an interesting career trajectory. He started out in Molecular Biology but eventually transitioned to Computer Journalism and then to Instructional Design and Learning Consultancy. 

Despite changing fields, his interest in the Science of Consciousness remained constant. With over 25 years of experience in writing as a journalist and learning consultant, the author is uniquely positioned to write about Tantra from a scientific perspective. 

The author's personal experience with Yoga and Tantra has informed their writing. He started practicing Yoga almost 30 years ago and learned how yogic postures can facilitate communication with the body. From there, he progressed to Tantra and discovered that Yoga involves stretching, contorting the muscles, and exercising the mind. 

While serving as the editor of a men's magazine, the author explored tantric sex and delved into its philosophy. A few years ago, he practiced Yoga under a Tantrik Guru, which motivated them to write their book, Tantra 2.0. 

The author's approach to Tantra is straightforward, as they have avoided concepts such as "divinity" and "spirituality" due to their vagueness. They have also steered clear of symbolism, which they believe is irrelevant in our technological times. The author highlights that symbolic artifacts of Yantras and Mandalas may only be helpful in the comprehension and practice of Tantra if they are already pre-existing in one's sociocultural context. 

Additionally, the author has avoided references to esoteric interpretations, pointed out the garbage that Google spews, and highlighted religions' fatalistic and dehumanizing nature.



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