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Tech Job 9 to 9

by Dilshad Mustafa

Format: Paperback

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Vinay, Himesh and Sana join Holtezent as freshers in their dream IT job. They go on to build a highly demanding IT system for Dochamk Bank. However the dream is not all that they thought it’d be, the kind of challenges and the type of people they have to work with turns their dream job into a nightmare. They get frustrated with the bureaucratic functioning of the company’s operations and their work gets hampered by the very processes supposed to improve efficiency in the system.

They also get pulled into a battle of wills between the ever dominant Mona and her ex-subordinate Usha who seeks revenge. Whose side they will take? Can they even survive in their job, which is getting more and more difficult each passing day? Soon Himesh starts to act strangely under the influence of some invisible hand. The Operations Support team starts to experience an anomaly in the IT system they have deployed in Dochamk Bank. And on the personal front, Vinay has to act quickly to marry his girlfriend Sana or risk losing her forever.

Can the three friends hang on to their dreams and continue chasing the star of success? Or will they be just another bunch of guys with shattered aspirations in the world of IT?

The author has fifteen years experience in Information Technology industry. He was fascinated writing this fictitious novel revolving around tech jobs. He likes reading novels, watching science fiction movies and sometimes playing computer role-playing games in his spare time.



Tech Job 9 to 9





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