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The 109th Bead of Dew Selected poems

by Sophie

Format: Paperback

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Refreshing, thoughtful, enlightening!

The 109th Bead of Dew is the voice of soul that celebrates the freedom of being alive while allowing the paradox of thoughts and emotions along the way.

Its deeply layered articulations express the underlying mazes of heart those motivate us to seek answers to questions vis-à-vis relationships, society and nature.

These poems inspire you to seek the wisdom in existence by observing the cause of sun, birds, and trees etc. as beings with purpose compared to the effects of modern lifestyle of convenience and competition. That pushes us to become clever but doubtful. It depicts the art of poetry; a reality that adds depth not mere imagination to the seemingly ordinary life.

Sophie is a master facilitator and a mentor. She had designed and implemented various communications and management training programs. Sophie has worked extensively for the cause of underprivileged children.

The 109th Bead of Dew is her debut book. In which she has integrated the various facets of underlying and unexpressed emotions due to the basic insecurity of vulnerability through our infinite bond with nature.

She is also an abstract Artist and believes that life is like a pallet and each color in that pallet is unique but still can amalgamate so well to create a beautiful painting. Sophie believes that we are same as these colors in the pallet called life.



The 109th Bead of Dew





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