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The Art of Cross Examination

Author Name: Prithwish Ganguli | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

"The Art of Cross Examination" by Prof Prithwish Ganguli is a comprehensive guide for aspiring lawyers, law students, and experienced legal professionals. It provides expert advice and practical strategies for conducting impactful cross-examinations in the courtroom. The book covers topics such as unraveling the truth, exposing inconsistencies, and extracting crucial information through well-crafted questioning techniques, leading questions, impeachment tactics, and impeccable timing.

Key features of the book include real-life examples, case studies, and practical tips to help readers navigate the complexities of cross-examination effectively. It also delves into witness psychology and persuasive techniques, offering guidance on handling various types of witnesses, including hostile, evasive, and expert witnesses. Additionally, the book offers advice on courtroom etiquette, building rapport, and maintaining credibility.

In summary, "The Art of Cross Examination" is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their cross-examination skills in the legal field. Prof Prithwish Ganguli's expertise, combined with practical insights and real-world examples, makes this book an essential guide for mastering the art of skillful questioning in the courtroom and taking courtroom skills to the next level.

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Prithwish Ganguli

Prof. Prithwish Ganguli, an accomplished Advocate and erudite Professor of Practice, brings over two decades of legal expertise to 'The Art of Cross Examination.' His strategic acumen in the courtroom and dedication to nurturing future legal minds define his remarkable career. As an esteemed Professor, he imparts practical wisdom to aspiring advocates, inspiring excellence in the art of law.

'The Art of Cross Examination' is a testament to Prof. Ganguli's mastery of the subject. His insights and commitment to raising the standards of legal advocacy shine through in this book. Discover the wisdom of a legal visionary as you journey through the pages of this transformative guide



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