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The Bazaars of Healthcare An Inside Story

Author Name: Dr. Maj Anil Mishra (Retd), Dr. Maj Jharna Mishra (Retd) | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

This account on the situation of some of the private medical education and healthcare institutions is based on our observations and discussions with some of our acquaintances and friends. There is absolutely no doubt that majority of the private players have demonstrated highest possible standards in this field. However, there are still a few institutions that are keeping all ethical principles aside. In this profession of nobility this should be unacceptable. In order to present those issues in an understandable manner, some narration imagined and woven around real issues and stories created.

The question that would arise in every reader’s mind would be - ‘why the healthcare personnel themselves are exposing bad practices of their own sector?’ It’s because this is something that, if continues, would have serious consequences affecting even the future generations. Healthcare, and thus medical education, are the foundation stones of health, development, and productivity of our people. Newspapers and some reputed journals have already started talking about the state of affairs. And this constructive criticism is to drive healthcare professionals to seriously introspect. We ourselves need to clean the system as it is long due.

This book is a ‘MUST READ’ for everyone feeling the need to uplift health systems.

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Dr. Maj Anil Mishra (Retd), Dr. Maj Jharna Mishra (Retd)

The Authors, Dr. Anil Mishra and Dr. Jharna Mishra, are graduates from government medical colleges and they both served in the Indian Army as Medical Officers. After release from the Army Medical Corps, they worked in various non-teaching healthcare and research organizations. For some personal reasons that required them to be at one place, they both chose to work in some private medical colleges. Dr. Anil is a Community Medicine specialist whereas Dr. Jharna is a Pathologist with specific experience in oncopathology.



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