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The Chronicles of River Saraswati Book 1: Perennial Friendship

Author Name: Parvi Bansal, Aditya Bansal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

When a beautifully crafted but seemingly empty box, the family heirloom of the Kings of Hariyupa, accidentally breaks, a hidden chamber containing a book and a copper plaque is revealed. As the King had to go somewhere, Ekrat, the eldest grandson of the King is entrusted to read the unveiled contents. When the King returns, Ekrat tells the King that the book chronicles the life of Bhanu Pratap – The first and the greatest king of the civilization.

As Ekrat started narrating the untold story of Bhanu Pratap, he not only reveals the story, but also various concepts of life – including that of friendship, which propelled Bhanu from being a poor shepherd to a civilization builder. 

Why was the book hidden in the secret chamber of the box? What life concepts did the book reveal? Why was the copper plaque hidden along with the book and what was inscribed on it? To get the answers to these burning questions, read the book to embark on the magical adventure that Ekrat had.

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Parvi Bansal, Aditya Bansal

Parvi Bansal is a 12-year-old book addict and currently counts J.K. Rowling, Geronimo Stilton and Sadhguru amongst her favourite authors. During the lockdown, she found her passion for writing and penned this beautiful book, which besides being her first book, is also the first part of a trilogy. Besides pursuing her passion for writing, she is a brilliant student in school with Mathematics and Geography as her favourite subjects. Her versatile personality also extends to music, arts, badminton and Karate. To date, she has won four Gold, one Silver and two Bronze medals in studies and sports.


Aditya Bansal is an 11-year-old book addict and co-author of this beautiful book, which also happens to be his first book. Currently, he counts Enid Blyton, Anne Frank, Jules Verne and Geronimo Stilton amongst his favourite authors. Besides writing, he is a brilliant student who always tops in his class. His multitalented personality also extends to singing songs, playing the flute, riding a bicycle and practising Karate, when he is not studying. To date, he has won eleven Gold, four Silver and six Bronze medals in studies and sports along with numerous co-curricular awards like books and several prizes in various Olympiads.



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