The Evolution of an Inglorious Moron

by Ritesh Rangare, Harshal Gondane


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

Amar is a small town guy from a middle class family with sky high dreams, but with totally impractical ideas. In the tenure of his coaching, he is too innocent and falls in love with a girl and thus begins the hilarious journey of this inglorious moron. The journey begins with sheer fun, weird ragging fundas, amazing amazing college and hostel life, but, despite being a brilliant student, he slowly turns into a back bencher in college, crosses every limit in the madness of his one sided love for 6 years. Then how does he manage to come out of this bad phase? How does he evolve and develop a different outlook towards society? Breaking all shackles of imagination, together with a friend named Prem he enters into the society of Kinners, shapes his impractical ideas and fulfills all his dreams. Also together they work towards the progress of Kinners and helping them earn respect and acceptance in our society and finally how the three theories quoted by Prem in the journey somehow stands true for Amar in his life journey?

About the Author

Ritesh Rangare and Harshal Gondane both studied at NIT Calicut. Ritesh belongs to a middle class family from a small town Seoni, Madhya Pradesh whereas Harshal hails from Nagpur, Maharashtra. Both of them don’t like reading novels much, but still they wrote this novel in the last days of college at the age of 22. At present, both Ritesh and Harshal are working in the same company as Marketing Manager and Business Development Manager respectively.

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