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The House that Dhathri Built and Other Stories Life as it was in a Malabar Palace

Author Name: Vengunad Jaishree | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

‘I, Kalari Kovilakom, grande maison, guardian of memories—births, deaths, marriages, hopes, dreams, laughter and tears—having gone through so many lifetimes, now stand witness to the march of time and the waywardness of fortune. I, with my louvered windows.’

This is the chronicle of a grand old mansion bursting to tell its tale!

The House That Dhathri Built and Other Stories will lead you deep into the heart of a Malabar palace, a sequestered world behind high walls where life is veering towards an unlit crossroad, strange and unfamiliar.

Throughout this telling, the life of Dhathri, Ranee of the ‘little kingdom’, appears and reappears like a skein of silken thread that draws the narrative together into a moving saga of the times.

Sweeping from British-occupied Malabar—through the war years and Independence up until the ‘sea of red’ causes the feudal system to break up and implode—can Kalari Kovilakom, the house that Dhathri built, survive the stormy buffets of social change? 

Or will it be condemned to die an ignoble death at the hands of a common pickaxe? 

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Vengunad Jaishree

Born of part South Malabar heritage, Jaishree, writing this first book under her matrilineal family name, Vengunad, was witness to the centuries-old lifestyle of an old palace being torn apart by new circumstances.

Steered by a mother who transitioned out of her feudal milieu with grace, Jaishree opted to be a career woman for thirty-five years. Even while pursuing her professions in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Geneva and Dubai, she chose to keep close to her roots in Malabar, returning to her ancestral space as often as she could.

Picking up the threads of ‘times past’ from these visits, the narratives in this book are written with the intention of opening a window to half-forgotten vistas, stories and unique episodes that now exist only as fading imprints in the memories of a passing generation.

Vengunad Jaishree is the pen-name of Jaishree Ramachandran, who lives life in Chennai and Bangalore, alongside her husband, Murali.

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