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The Indian Dream Leaders who paved their way to success.

Author Name: Varin Agarwal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Letters & Essays | Other Details

Live Your Dreams – Not Your Fears!



Youngsters are getting smarter than ever, fed on a diet of internet-powered social media and by friends who did their PhD from Know-It-All University.

Hey, kidding! But jokes apart, have the below mentioned thoughts ever sprouted in your mind?

·         What do I really wish to become in life? Am I even thinking about it along the right lines?

·         What if I am unable to get admission to a top-level University?

·         How did they overcome personal and professional setbacks against all odds?

·         What options do I have of a career-switch, especially later in life? How best to go about it?

·         How have some people risen from ground-level to becoming astoundingly successful and impactful? What and who lied behind their psyche?

·         How were the formative and teenage years of such people? Is there anything I can learn from that phase of their lives that could help my future?


As a 17-year-old inquisitive teenager myself, I decided to learn first-hand from the experiences of several eminent Leaders – people from differing fields such as corporate, political, spiritual, educational, social, sports, and medicine, by interviewing them for this book.

‘The Indian Dream’ attempts to capture the spirit of 21 such personalities right from their childhood up till their later years in a pert, conversational manner, and shows that destiny is not a matter of chance – It is a matter of Choice!



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Varin Agarwal

Varin Agarwal, a 17 year old, grade XII student of Scottish High International School, a National level football player, is not just a dreamer but also a realist who believes in pursuing his ambitions despite the hindrances which may constrict his way. He is a sports enthusiast and religiously follows football. His love for the sport extends towards social outreach as well, in the form of coaching and mentoring young underprivileged athletes.

Last year he won the Business Plan Competition at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA, thereby concretising his ambition to establish a business model. When he returned to India, he wanted to recreate the stimulating environment he experienced in USA. Therefore he sought after every opportunity which would engage his entrepreneurial ventures in and outside school.


As an extension of his business-minded aspirations, he has an implicit desire to take initiatives and he positions himself as a valuable, cost-effective source of assistance to NGOs and social organisations around him. He’s fond of travelling, exploring new places and cultures, learning new values from the natives and implementing it in his own life.


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