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The Last Super Hero We Killed our hope

Author Name: Joy Mondal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

In a world where superheroes are only found in comic books and movies, a boy is born with an extraordinary ability that sets him apart from everyone else. His body is covered in flames, and he is unable to adapt to the world outside of his own home. Despite the challenges he faces, he grows up with the love and support of his family.

One summer day, a thunderstorm changes everything. The boy is struck by lightning from all eight directions, creating a powerful curtain of fire around him. As the storm subsides, he falls to the ground, his body still on fire. The incident draws the attention of scientists and the media, and people flock from all over the country to witness the phenomenon.

As the boy's story spreads, rumors begin to circulate that he may be a real-life superhero. But when he regains consciousness months later, he quickly becomes a pawn in a political game. His newfound fame is both a blessing and a curse, and he must navigate the treacherous waters of fame and power to protect himself and his loved ones.

"The Boy of Fire and Lightning" is a gripping tale of a boy with extraordinary abilities and the forces that seek to control him. It explores themes of power, fame, and the human desire for superheroes, while also delving into the personal struggles of a young boy trying to find his place in the world. This novel is perfect for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and superhero stories.

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Joy Mondal

Joy Mondal, Founder of ChitroLab. who lives in kolkata with his perents,in India. If you speak about Educational Qualification then he tried two times for his graduation, that's might be funny but dropped out means not cool. if you took responsibilities then it becames harder for everyone.

in 2022, Joy founded Chitrolab, It is a marketplace where everyone can sell their creativity. lot's of people can't sell their work & they face too many problem, to end this types of problem joy Build his Startup for everyone.

Deserve Before Desire.