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The Maze of Immortality

Author Name: Aaruni Akki | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

As Adeline endeavors to reunite with her long-lost family, she is just an ordinary girl attending school until she discovers she possesses powers that will aid her on her arduous journey.

Along the way to the exit, they face numerous challenges, but fortunately, Adeline is not alone; her friends are with her. They support one another through each increasingly difficult stage, apprehensive about what lies ahead.

She eventually comes face-to-face with a mysterious figure who desires immortality.

Adeline and her team rise to the challenge, uniting to prevent the figure from achieving immortality, convinced it would not serve a noble purpose.

Simultaneously, they seek clues about Adeline's parents and the identity of this unknown figure.

At the maze's end, Adeline and her team confront the figure in combat.

Regardless of the bloodshed, the figure remains indifferent; her sole ambition is to complete her quest for immortality and dominate the world.

While everyone seeks power in their own way, some methods are unjust, and this figure has certainly strayed from the right path.

What she soon learns and realizes leaves her in shock, experiencing a tumult of emotions.

Will she manage to thwart the figure's quest for immortality and uncover the truth about her parents?

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Aaruni Akki

In the sunny landscapes of Bangalore, India, Aaruni Akki was born. She then settled on the beautiful island of Mauritius. At the age of 10, she goes along the corridors of 7th Grade, she is a talented student, with an unwavering will to continue with her passions.

Traveling, the strong will to look at every nook and cranny of a new country is just too strong.

She's always loved going to different countries, the green valleys of Switzerland, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the several rides of Disney Land, the Burg Khalifa of Dubai, the calming places of Amsterdam, the migrating zebras of Kenya, and the twin towers of Malaysia. It's just one of the most exciting things!

At a young age, she had indulged herself in music. As her fingers danced across the strings of the guitar, she filled her heart with the sounds that it made. The guitar has been one of her several passions and hobbies. For her music and the guitar, is a comforting thing, her thoughts washing away, each note emitted from the string.

Her strong bond with music also encourages her to take on the challenge of going through the passageways of learning even more instruments. This hobby and talent will be in her heart forever. The moment where she first played a note on the guitar will always stay engraved in her heart, no matter what.

Books are like one of her companions who walk beside her, giving her some advice and making her slowly walk away from the real world.

She also absolutely adored writing stories, and poems and imagining new worlds, creating characters who experience various challenges, it is also one of her other hobbies she adores a ton lot. When she lifted her pen and set it on the piece of paper, millions of ideas burst into her head.
This was what led her to start writing her book at the young age of 9!
It’s been an amazing journey for her and she believes and wants to continue what she had faced, writing more books to bring smiles to a few faces.

She is currently playing the game of chess, the ancient game of kings, and has participated in competitions. With being part of this game, she also got an opportunity to go play as an international player.