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The Mirroring A Secret Film by Stanley Kubrick

Author Name: Gaurav Jain | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Legend has it that Stanley Kubrick hid something important in his famous film The Shining. It may sound incredible but new evidence now suggests that there is indeed a treasure trove of secret information and hidden meaning encoded into this puzzling film. It can now be proved that what Kubrick has done is made several complete, full-length “secret films” and hidden them under the surface story of America’s favourite scary movie for those who can see it.

The discovery of Stanley’s secret stories solves one of the greatest mysteries of the art world that has baffled moviegoers, Kubrick fans and experts alike for over forty years now. It cleanly unlocks probably the greatest puzzle and mind-maze ever built by man and confirms The Shining as perhaps the most innovative, meticulous and dense work of art ever conceived.

We can easily see the first of Kubrick’s “secret movies” by simply watching The Shining again. But this time, we will watch it rationally and solve it logically like a puzzle. It seems the scariest thing about this film is that it contains no ghosts or paranormal activity—only unexplained events that can all be explained rationally.

When we can see it, The Mirroring is perhaps the ultimate psychological thriller, murder mystery and dark comedy, all hidden in plain sight in a deceptively shallow blockbuster horror movie. Just beyond the ghost story for children is a profound drama rooted in reality for thinking adults that uses cinema brilliantly to shed light on the darkest parts of human behaviour and the human brain.

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Gaurav Jain

The author, Gaurav Jain is an Art Historian but also an “Art Detective” who likes to solve age old mysteries surrounding time-tested works. With an interest in riddles, puzzles and mazes and with formal training in Art History, English Literature, Psychology and Film Theory, Gaurav now seeks to replenish the well that he has long drawn from. He resides in New Delhi and lives, he says, the “art life.”