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The Strange Hiriak Mystery in a New Dimension

by Karthik

Format: Paperback

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The Strange Hiriak: Aarush and his friends discover a strange place called THE HIRIAK. The interesting adventure, takes a deadly turn, when one of his friend gets kidnapped! Before they could think of a plan to save him, they find themselves stuck in the middle of a natural disaster. Will Aarush and his friend save their other friend? Can they return home safely?

G.Karthik, born on 29.1.1998, at Dharmapuri district of the State of Tamil Nadu, India, is a short filmmaker and has made many short films including THE INGREDIENT BOOK, one of his notable works. His short films are present in YOUTUBE under his account G.KARTHIK RAJA. When he was 16 years old, he came up with the idea to write a novel instead of making films. He came up with the plot for this novel when he was on the train during a vacation to GOA in train. Being young, he accomplished the writing process within a few days and thus has published his very first novel (THE STRANGE HIRIAK). He is in Facebook in the name of KARTHIK RAJA GNANASEKAR and his Gmail ID isgkarthikraja1998@gmail.com.



The Strange Hiriak





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