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The Teen Life in the 21st Century for teens, from a teen

Author Name: Mohammed Bassim | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

A teen’s endeavour to unravel and voice out the thought process of his fellow teens residing elsewhere on the planet as one among him. 

Real-life experience-driven concepts and lessons woven together meticulously to pen down insightful ideas. 
Fed-up of your teen’s anger? Addicted to his phone? Here’s how to deal with it all.
As a teen, haven't you always wanted the world to know what goes on in your mind? Done. Right here.

Whether the solutions are connecting a bridge between the needs or permitting recognition to the autonomy, it all boils down to placing your leg in the teen’s shoe to understand every single nerve.

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Mohammed Bassim

Well-done representations of life gets him more excited than life itself. That is why Mohammed Bassim from Kerala is excited about reading. And at times, writing as well. This 17-year-old teen has mixed up his passion to develop an amazing aura by articulating his crisp thoughts into words. With an air of despondency, he describes himself as a frustrated teen with lots of mixed-up thoughts in a messed up mind cycling in a stereotypical society, battling with toxic beings while struggling to stabilize the emotional and rational attributes agitating in him. He believes that the chain of events that keep happening in this world are all connected to inextricable lengths and that makes life beautiful. Bringing that beautiful curve of lips on your face in the midst of this fast-moving world using the enchantment of words has been his aim.