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The Tyranny of Love, Life and Destiny

by Anitha

Format: Paperback

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A dynamic, intelligent, highly ambitious woman, sets out to make a mark in a man’s world. She is the first woman in her organization to enter the technical domain, she not only excels in her chosen field, she also breaks an egotist mindset of one of her senior colleague. She gets caught in the politics at work, despite her excellent track record and major accomplishments in some of the path-breaking technological aspects, she becomes vulnerable and defeated. In her personal life, she is unable to make her own decisions; she is constantly nagged by her parents and limited by their choices. She wants freedom, she wants to chase her dreams and fulfill the promises she made to herself and to her loving uncle but she accepts defeat tired of fighting……

Does she give up? Would she end up in oblivion? Can she do nothing at all? Read on to find out more……….her battle, her love and her success.

The author developed a passion for writing ever since she was a teenager; writing poems came to her naturally. Her English teacher at high school was a motivating factor as she read out all her poems to the class, and that would fill the author with pride.

At college, she used to write poems occasionally and share them with her friends. Their appreciation would make her day. After a very long haul, the author’s son reminded her of her passion for writing. He was looking for a poem for his project work, and when he sought his mother’s help, she wrote one for him in a jiffy.

The idea to write a book began soon after, and one day, she started working on it casually. At that point, she never thought she would complete the book and publish it, but eventually, she managed to do it.

This fiction book is inspired by the problems that people face in real life.



The Tyranny of Love, Life and Destiny





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