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The Unknown and the Unknowable

Author Name: Raman Sivashankar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The Unknown And The Unknowable is the sequel to my debut book Our Universe An Unending Mystery published by Create Space, an Amazon Company in 2017.

In the earlier book, knowledge frontier areas in the physical, spiritual, and occult worlds were identified and their interdependence was highlighted. The present book extends the thought process further into exciting arcane domains like time travel and wormholes in the physical world, religion-the eternal dilemma and the interpretation of dreams in the spiritual and occult worlds respectively.

Aside from this, two new areas; The human life form and math conundrums have been added to make the review more comprehensive and interesting. The unique panorama of the human life form from womb to tomb is sketched with notes on the mysterious workings of major organs and glands.

Unique human capabilities like the third eye, the use of languages for communication, proprioception, the reality or otherwise of free will and other abstract topics have been evaluated. The math conundrums have been cherry-picked: e.g. the zero discovery and the Ramanujan Magic Square make interesting reading.

The book would be a useful addition to libraries wishing to highlight abstract topics.

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Raman Sivashankar

This is Raman Sivashankar's fourth book, the sequel to his debut book Our Universe An Unending Mystery.

He has also authored two fiction novels Forbidden Love And Other Stories and Spanning Two Cities.

He holds a master's degree in physics and is deeply interested in the physical sciences, philosophy, and in occult beliefs and practices.

His family members consist of his wife Durga, daughter Rukmini, her spouse Arun and their children Arjun and Riya in the United States, son Madhavan, wife Sunita and daughters Amolika and Areana who reside in the United Arab Emirates. His second daughter Aishwarya, her spouse Pradeep and their two children Aaditya and Priyanka are in India.

Last but not least, Molly his senior grandson Arjun's wife, joined them last year. The Unknown And The Unknowable is written for the layperson in a simple and conversational style. The use of math symbols is kept to the bare minimum to encourage wider readership.



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