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Think before You Think

by Harish Gulati

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Think Before You Think is about why you do what you do.

It is about:

why you are happy in one moment, miserable the next and elated in anotherwhy the rich get richer, sick get sicker and lucky get luckier.

It is about:

understanding how you live in an artificially created realityhow to exit the matrix, your mind creates by thoughts and emotionshow to find clarity, confidence, and connection in your life and business.

Think Before You Think explains why:

it’s not WHAT you doit’s not HOW you do

It’s all about how you THINK and FEEL.

‘It’s not the things in your life, it’s your thinking behind the things that shapes your destiny.’

– Harish Gulati


Kshama comes from a humble, middle-class Indian family. So, her parents and family never thought she would make a transition from a secure international corporate job to an entrepreneurial venture after fifteen years of living in certainty and security. Kshama is insatiably passionate about personal growth; it led her to shift from ‘computer to mindset programming’ and she started her new journey in the field of human behaviour. She was her own first client!

She has appeared on the radio show FM 2000, ‘Public speaking show’ podcast and interviews.

Kshama has a double degree in information technology, marketing with MBA from Ashridge Business School, UK.

She believes "WE are Extraordinary”

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Think before You Think





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