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Think before You Think

by Harish Gulati

Format: Paperback

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Think Before You Think is about why you do what you do.

It is about:

  1. why you are happy in one moment, miserable the next and elated in another
  2. why the rich get richer, sick get sicker and lucky get luckier.

It is about:

  1. understanding how you live in an artificially created reality
  2. how to exit the matrix, your mind creates by thoughts and emotions
  3. how to find clarity, confidence, and connection in your life and business.

Think Before You Think explains why:

  1. it’s not WHAT you do
  2. it’s not HOW you do

It’s all about how you THINK and FEEL.

‘It’s not the things in your life, it’s your thinking behind the things that shapes your destiny.’

– Harish Gulati

Harish Gulati is a success coach who has helped numerous people transform their personal and professional lives. He is the founder of Empowered Thinking Academy, an organization dedicated to enhance the human experience around the globe. Harish lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Aman and daughter, Sage.

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Think before You Think





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