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Throne Wars Marketing Lessons from the Art of War (Special Edition)

Author Name: Pravin Shekar | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details


THRONE WARS is a fictionalized presentation inspired by the lives of the Chola and Pandya kings, who ruled vast parts of Southern India many centuries ago. The history of India is replete with colourful stories involving ambitious rulers, wily court strategists, brave commanders and guerilla warfare, all of which make for compelling reading even today.

Not just that. They carry many important, timeless marketing lessons for business leaders.

This book is a collection of a few such stories with a few such lessons, which will be useful to corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers. It is for them that I have written this book.        

While I have taken the stories from the history of South India (of which I am a tiny part), I have drawn inspiration for some of the strategies and learnings from Sun Tzu’s ancient classic, “The Art of War”.

The interpretation and learnings mentioned in each chapter are those that I strive to implement for my business and those of my clients. I believe they will help you in your business, too.

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Pravin Shekar

Pravin Shekar is an Outlier Marketer and a raconteur. 

Unconventional marketing is his forte. When the world moves one way, you need to move another way: that’s his philosophy. This going-against-the-grain attitude helps him find opportunity in every crisis.

A recipient of the American Marketing Association’s “Emerging Leader” award, Pravin is passionate about marketing and believes that micro-marketing can redefine the business environment.

When you need to shake up your marketing strategy and re-gear your growth, reach out to him at



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