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Uma and Virginia in a Game of Intrigue

Author Name: Sukumar Chatterjee | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In the murky atmosphere of hate and violence unleashed by terrorists, love blooms like an unstained lotus flower in a muddy pool.

Uma Chopra, a self-reliant middle class Punjabi girl of Delhi, develops great regard for Gopalkrishna Hegday who hails from Karnataka. Her mother is keen on her marrying a ‘Punjabi puttar’.

Gopalkrishna suffers multiple tragedies as consequences of terrorist attacks.

What is in store for these two people?

The story unfolds with many schemes hatched against Uma, a defenseless girl perceived to be easy game…

Will her friendship with Virginia, an American millionaire’s daughter, come to Uma’s aid?

Does Uma achieve her goals–personal and professional?

This is a book of love, intrigue and crime, set in the backdrop of the upheavals caused by mindless terror attacks.


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Sukumar Chatterjee

Sukumar Chatterjee, is a scientist, academician, sports-person, actor, writer, and story-teller.

Born in Kolkata, and educated at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, the job of a scientist took him to New Delhi. On retirement he moved first to Gurgaon and then to Bengaluru.

During his professional career, Sukumar Chatterjee wrote profusely on matters scientific. His simmering urge to write novels found an outlet after his retirement, and he presently devotes all his time to writing. His first book, a collection of four short stories, Women of Substance was very well received.

He lovingly acknowledges his interest in story-telling to the many happy evenings spent in childhood listening to stories told by his paternal grandfather, the late Mr Panchkori Chatterjee, who was a writer and dramatist, He strongly believes in what his Grandpa once said: “Bring me the most mischievous child or a bored adult and I will keep him engaged for hours with my stories.”