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Unconfessed feelings for you

Author Name: Sanjay Naik & Ka. Parinasri | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

It's not always possible to confess our feelings to that special one. 
Sometimes we never wanted to let them know about our feelings! 

The literal meaning of love is not just to have someone in your life.  It is common to want someone endlessly, but finding happiness in their memories and understanding the meaning of love shows you the mirror of purity.  There are some feelings that you don't want to insult them just by giving the name of a relationship, but you want to settle in the house of their thoughts.

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Sanjay Naik & Ka. Parinasri

Sanjay Naik is from Kharagpur State of West Bengal. He is an Economics graduate (Hons), a writer from the heart and passionate about singing. Through the platform of anthology, he wants to spread love & positivity among his readers and wants to heal his readers’ hearts with his magical words. Sanjay is at utmost peace when he pens his emotions. He believes that the power of his words, will heal the wounds of many readers. Till now participated in 200+ Anthologies as a CO-AUTHOR. He is Compiler of  anthology  “SELF HAPPINESS” ,  “SCREAM”  & “ SARANG”. And now Compiled more than 50 + Anthologies. Instagram:- @the_poetry_wo

She is a passionate writer from Chennai. Writing makes her pressure go away. She had played the role of co-author for more than 90+ anthologies and Thought “why not” to provide the same to all the unknown budding writers.

She would like to thank her parents and her Loveable Brother for supporting her rather than stopping her from what she wanted to do! For being the main reason for achieving her dreams. As well for standing beside her in all the ups and downs.

Whenever she feels like she needs to get out of her stressful timing or feels like she needs peacefulness, she starts to paint, she would never mind, sitting in the same place for so many hours when it comes to her painting.



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