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Author Name: Rizal Muhammed | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

'Unheard' is a heartfelt collection of poems thatdelve deep into the human experience. Through raw emotion and vivid imagery, the author explores themes of loss and self-discovery, offering a glimpse into the unspoken thoughts and feelings that often go unnoticed. It's better if we let go of our emotions, since it's believed by many writers that paper holds more patience than people.

It wouldn't be surprising if you found yourself in one of these heartfelt short poems. Of course, 'Unheard' is a book also dedicated to those people whose thoughts and feelings have been unheard by others. This collection is a reminder
that poetry has the power to heal, inspire, and connect us all.

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Rizal Muhammed

Rizal Muhammed, born and brought up in Saudi Arabia, is a promising 11th-grade student specializing in commerce. Since his early years, Rizal has been captivated by the enchanting world of poetry, finding solace and inspiration in the rhythmic flow of words. His journey into the realm of literature began with humble scribbles in notebooks, gradually blossoming into eloquent verses that encapsulate the essence of his thoughts and emotions.

Despite his rigorous academic pursuits, Rizal remains unwavering in his dedication to nurturing his creative side. He devotes his spare moments to immersing himself in the works of renowned poets, drawing inspiration from their masterful craftsmanship. This dual commitment to scholarly endeavors and artistic expression has garnered him admiration and respect from both peers and mentors.

His ability to strike a harmonious balance between academic rigor and creative exploration sets him apart as a multifaceted individual with a boundless potential for success. With each verse penned and each lesson learned, he edges closer to realizing his aspirations of leaving a lasting imprint on the world through his words and actions.