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Uss Paar Jaana Hai Khoji Mann Ki Vedna Ki Gehri Abhivakyti

Author Name: Sudesh Gogia | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Bring up your ‘never-say-die-attitude’. Why are you thinking of hanging your boots now? You have to live beyond 100 years with health, happiness and ecstasy.

Do justice to your life-style. Eat wisely, live intelligently and wholesomely. Inculcate integral yoga in life. Walk with Nature amidst greenery, trees and colorful flowers. Be pretty friendly with people around you.

Never treat yourself an aged uncle or aunty!

Feel younger, more healthy more energetic and this enthusiasm will reflect in all areas of your life!

Occasional inter sessions and play-out with your sons, daughters, grandchildren and friends will boost your energy level.

You’ll be instantly charged and will never feel old or a spent force.

You’ll finally understand how beautiful and enchanting life is and life’s journey is full of joy and ecstasy.

These are the psychological and spiritual needs of the hour.

You’re already a smarter more well-informed rationalized merry-go-round individual.

You’re possessed with latest gadgets that digital technology have provided – Whats App, IT, smart phone, mobile etc.

Yet you have to go beyond ‘mind and reason’ towards higher dimension of consciousness for evolutionary fulfillment…

The ‘educational technology’ of the future will not emerge from present-day new emergences, but from a comprehensive understanding of the levels of consciousness and Integral yoga, which will help man of this 21st century to become a fully conscious participant and collaborator in the evolutionary endeavour of Universal Nature.

Universal fact is true that we’re living in a fast changing world. The human knowledge, thanks to science, multiplying itself leading to a explosion level!

The pertinent question before the man, since century’s remains the same.

Who am I?

The purpose of life today as well as tomorrow is to help the individual to ‘know’ ‘himself’, ‘love thyself’ as even Socrates asked himself decades back!

So long as the individual is ignorant of his ‘real self’, his potential, aim and mission of life, can’t contribute in a creative manner towards his own growth, and development of world!

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Sudesh Gogia

Sudesh Gogia is an explorer, who is always in pursuit of life and the mysticism it has to offer. He feels that the human mind is both an enemy and a friend to the progress of mankind. The human mind perennially spawns desires and there is never a moment when it feels content and full of ecstasy Whenever his soul is disturbed by troubles and concerns, when tears refuse to stay in the eyes, and when some mysterious forces work towards rattling his tranquility, his emotions get translated into words and into poetry. It is only then that his mind becomes still and full of joy and happiness.



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