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What Google Cannot Teach Education of the Heart and Mind

Author Name: Arjun Ray Format: eBook | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Change is the new normal, and education is being taken over by machine learning. What of teachers? Are they becoming redundant?

As the 4th Industrial Age kicks in, will Google hijack the role of the Teacher?

The school teacher must emerge from this chaos as a nurturer of human emotions and spirituality.

Education of the heart and mind, and not the head alone, is preparation for the 4th Industrial Age. Only teachers can do it.

The greatest danger is that, if teachers do not re-invent themselves, they may be replaced by algorithms.


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Arjun Ray

Greater energy and greater passion is more extraordinary than greater genius.”

 Lt. General (Retired) Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM

A former soldier-scholar of the Indian Army, Lt. General Arjun Ray has wide-ranging experience in war, conflict prevention, social transformation of those who have been alienated, and international education.

As MD & CEO of the Indus Trust, he provides the vision and strategic direction to all Indus International Schools and institutions.

As part of Operation Sadbhavna (Goodwill), he successfully forestalled insurgency in the region by winning over alienated communities into the nation’s mainstream. In recognition of his services in nation-building, he was awarded the Param Vishisht Seva Medal, the highest award in the armed forces for distinguished service.

IB World has acclaimed the General as one of the six IB World School Leaders on rethinking education, especially by making high quality education affordable to the poor. Education World has also named him as one of the 50 game-changers in education in India. In 2014, he was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in Education Leadership by Education World.

The General has three interests – reading, writing, and speaking on Artificial Intelligence and leadership themes. His first book, Kashmir Diary - The Psychology of Militancy, is a purple primer in understanding the mind and motivation of a terrorist. The second book, Peace Is Everybody’s Business: Strategy for Conflict Prevention, is a treatise in conflict-prevention and has been published by SAGE Publications. The book is inspired by the author’s success in bringing lasting peace in Ladakh. An exemplary learner-teacher-leader, General Arjun Ray’s vision and strategies continue to improve, drive and go where others used to follow.