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Why and how china developed coronavirus?

Author Name: Mr. Nilesh Kumar Agarwal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

This book is printed on 70 GSm dust-free paper for a better reading experience. This book not only reveals the dark side of China. But, will also answer why China did this and since when it was all started. You will get the answer in this book that why we call coronavirus a man-made virus. 

You will also know while reading this book that power can be destructive as well if its in wrong hands. the reason for writing this book to make world aware about the future struggles they might face, if China is not stopped and investigated. Life of so many people is on stake right now and could be much more tragic in the coming few todays. 

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Mr. Nilesh Kumar Agarwal

Mr. Nilesh Kumar Agarwal is graduate in B.A. (Economics) is one of the few people who really work for humanity and believe in exploring the facts which other either fear or do not want that world should know. These kind of people not only expose various things but also show the real face to the world. Many of them out there really know who is behind this man-made created pandemic coronavirus. But, nobody dares to find the answers to the question. Why?

This book by Mr. Nilesh Kumar Agarwal will answer all the reasons behind development of coronavirus.



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