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Wisdom Workout Exercise Your Mind!

Author Name: Rajiv Chelladurai | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

“Wisdom comes from distilling knowledge and experience to make sound judgements. Rajiv in this book uses his own knowledge and experience in the corporate world and through his spirituality provides a workbook that should be of value to so many. The issues that Rajiv discusses in the book are common derailers, and many people spend their lives unaware of this, often not knowing there is another way. The open discussion of these typical derailers, the constant link to spirituality and the ultimate step of the reader interacting with the issues through the workout at the end of the chapter make this book a practical guide to living a happy and fulfilling life.”

Ajay Srinivasan

Chief Executive - Financial Services

Aditya Birla Group

“Rajiv has managed to combine wisdom and practice in one to me, which is never easy. Very clear and simple thoughts to convey wisdom on multiple aspects of life and inviting the reader to interact is an innovative format. I am sure Wisdom Workout will help many of us who struggle to grow wise in everyday life.”

Naveen Tahilyani

Managing Director & CEO

Tata AIA Life Insurance

We all know where to go when we need to tone and shape our physical bodies — we hit the gym. But, do we spend enough time for toning, shaping and building up wisdom in our lives? Wisdom Workout is a practical journey through some very relevant areas in our life and how to exercise wisdom in it. The ‘workout’ process includes a set of questions based on the author’s thoughts that are crafted with an intent to get you thinking, re-thinking and getting hands-on with the rational execution of the thought in your life. The book will challenge, push and exhort you to strive for excellence in your personal and professional life.

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Rajiv Chelladurai

Who better to encourage someone to achieve excellence in their lives than Rajiv Chelladurai? Rajiv is a wisdom coach whose life is testament to everything he teaches or propagates. As a practicing Christian, most of Rajiv’s wisdom teaching is inspired from the Bible.

He holds the position of ‘Chief Distribution Excellence Officer’ in a leading conglomerate. Rajiv has also authored God's Instructions for Today. Using this book on a regular basis as a wisdom coach can be equated to being personally coached by Rajiv in wisdom.

Twitter: @rajivchell