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Wrapped in Red An Honest Bureaucrat's Walk Through Life

Author Name: Vijay Nijhawan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“I can suspend you for this.” 

“Withdraw your report right away or I’ll have you thrown in some menial ministry.” 

“You think you can get away after messing with my system?”

The threats have become clichéd for Abhimanyu. A young man from the small town of Bhilai, he has joined the Indian Administrative Services with an aim to work for the people. His journey, which begins as a trainee to learn the art of administration, soon exposed the severely ingrained malice and corruption in India's governance. He witnesses how the rep tape of bureaucracy has wrapped the entire country, how every stratum of the administration is disinclined towards working and when it does work, is involved in trivial or considerable amount of corruption. Determined to change this status quo, Abhimanyu rattled several cages, inviting trouble for himself. Would he be able to overcome the odds or would his career be defined by a series of transfers like most honest bureaucrats?

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Vijay Nijhawan

Vijay Nijhawan, a native of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, is a businessperson with more than 35 years of experience in various industries. His career began at an early age of eighteen when he had to quit his education and take charge of his ailing father’s business of industrial constructions. It was a work that required sound understanding of engineering and technical processes. Being only a modest business back then, hiring a professional team was not a viable option. Vijay, therefore, had to personally watch over all the procedures. With passion, dedication and a keen eye for detail, he mastered the technical aspects of this work despite not having any professional qualification as an engineer.

The work also involved fulfilling several documentation formalities with government bodies, which also, he had to complete on his own. This is where his interactions with the bureaucracy began. Gradually, he was able to expand his business and started taking up projects of the erstwhile Madhya Pradesh and then the Chhattisgarh Government, particularly for the Bhilai Steel Plant. It paved the way for closer interactions with bureaucrats in the state administration and offered key insights into their working as well as their attitudes towards working, hence, laying the groundwork for this book.

Vijay likes being described by his zodiac sign, Virgo, as he embodies its basic traits of being a perfectionist and a workaholic. Over the years, he has educated himself in various technical and non-technical subjects and is utilizing that knowledge today for his consultancy business in Delhi.



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