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Janardan Rai Nagar

Pdt. Nagar was a genius litterateur. His contribution to the world of literature is also very impressive and significant. Patit Ka Swarg, Uda Hatyara, Acarya Chanakya, Vaivasta Manu and Amritam Gamayah are the plays composed by him.He wrote more than two hundred stories.Two Collections of his stories namely Janardan Rai Nagar Ki Kahaniyan , part I and Part II are published by Rajasthan Sahitya Academy.These stories had been earlier published in the magazines of national repute.His books Shala mein Balak,Ghar Mein Balak and Prathmik-Madhyamik Shiksha Yojana are precious works containing his novel thoughts about education.’Ek Shant Alok Mein Prasanna’( A collection of prosaic poems) and Swapna Ka Sangharsha (Autobiographical work) are great works of literature.His novel Jagatguru Shankeracarya published in ten parts consisting of five thousand pages and another work RamRajya are immensely useful treasure of Hindi Literature.


Pdt.Nagar was a born journalist. He not only edited several journals and magazines but also founded a number of them. He edited magazines like Baalhit,Rajasthan Sahitya, Vasundhara,Kalki,Jan Sandesh,Aravali, Ayurvigyan and founded others like Madhumati, Swarmangala,Nakhalistan,Samaj Shikshan and Shodh Patrika.


Pdt.Nagar remained active for a few years in politics as well. He represented Mavli Constituency in the legislative Assembly from 1957 to 1962.In this duration in 1959 he presented on the floor of the assembly a private bill on education called Samaj Shiksha Vidheyak which was passed in 1962.


He was the founder Chairman of Rajasthan Sahitya Academy and was member of  Rajbhasha Hindi Salahkar Samiti, Railway Board, Ministry of Railways as well as Kendriya Proudh Shiksha Salahkar Samiti,Ministry of Education,Government of India.

Pdt. Nagar’s contribution to society was recognized and he received honours and awards from a number of organisations. He received Sahitya Bhushan,given by Ajmer Vishwa Parishad,1941, Sangam Chandrak,given by Gujarat Sahitya Sangam,Ahmadabad,1964. Highest honour of Sahitya Manishi given by Rajasthan Sahitya Academy,Udaipur, Nehru Literacy Award,given by Indian Adult Education Association,1980, Maharana Mewar Puraskar,given by Maharana Mewar Foundation, Highest honorary degree of Sahitya Vachaspati given by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan,Prayag for the propagation of Hindi, our national language, Rajasthan Shri, given by the governor of Rajasthan,1989.



Books by जनार्दन राय नागर

‘‘जगद्गुरू शंकराचार्य’’ शंकर के जीवन वृत्त को आधार बनाकर लिखा गया पण्डित जनार्दन राय नागर के इस उपन्यास  का नाम ‘‘शंकर-सन्यास’’ है। बाल्यावस्था से ही अपने चमत्कारों के कारण शं

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Books by पं. जनार्दन राय नागर

इस उपन्यास में ‘हनुमान’ एक अलौकिक पात्र के रूप में दशार्य गये हैं। ‘‘यह क्या पार्थिव शिशु हैं? नहीं, केसरी!... यह आञ्जनेय, केसरीनन्दन, निस्संदेह सभी देवताओं और शक्तियों के पुंज सा

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