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A Culinary Journey for the Love of Biryani Over 100 Tantalizing Recipes

Author Name: Tanuj Singh,Varuna Mathur | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Cooking, Food & Wine | Other Details

A Culinary Journey for the love of biryani: Over 100 Tantalizing Recipes

Biryani is the one special dish that certainly speaks to our taste buds from a platter with flavors gathered from different parts of the Indian subcontinent and the world outside. Even the name can be spelled in various ways: biryani, buriyani, biriani, breyani, etc. These remind us of the different shades it comes in, which are unique to the different regions, cultures, traditions and styles of cooking.

In this book, the authors have laid out over 100 tantalizing Biryani recipes from in and around India (Awadhi to Hyderabadi biryani) as well as the globe (Iranian to Durban biryani). They all hold in their core, traditional values, ingredients and varied styles, which make each one of them unique.

To top it all the book has tips that include information on meat cuts, rice variations (tehri, pulao, and pilaf), Indian pot-style cooking (Degchi, or handi), side accompaniments including wine pairings and many more things supporting both Indian and International styles of cooking.

Follow these Recipes, Keep Calm and add some Dum to your Biryani!

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Tanuj Singh,Varuna Mathur

Tanuj Singh: Digital Chef

Tanuj is an award winning global marketing leader and a digital evangelist who has explored various cultures and cuisines across the globe. With a passion for food and zest for life, he believes that food nourishes both body and spirit. He loves to experiment with new dishes and uses locally grown organic ingredients with an eye for detail, presentation and color. His motto is to pay respect to the ingredients and pour love into food. He believes in “Do what you love and love what you do”, and this book is the first step towards it.

Chicken Biryani Durban Style

Varuna Mathur: Recipe Writer

Varuna is a dynamic, creative and prolific recipe writer and a booming star in the culinary world. Cooking is her passion, hobby and a significant part of her life. She loves to create healthy and hearty recipes from simple ingredients. She believes that, more than an art, cooking is a matter of choice and that one should never hesitate or be apprehensive about it. There’s no limit to great food with the simplest of ingredients, only if it is done with love and for joy.

Bhari Tangdi Biryani






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