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Author Name: CHARLES AKUJIEZE | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Nigeria is presently confronted with three viable options – a mutual (or forced) separation, a true fiscal federalism or a con-federal arrangement in the image and likeness of the political structure of the United Kingdom with the indigenous political groups fully autonomous and autochthonous.

As I write, all our chickens are coming home to roost. Today, Nigeria is heavily pregnant. The gathering storm and possible shipwreck is avoidable if we do the needful. The die is cast, Caesar has crossed the Rubicorn, the horse has bolted from the stable, the cat is out of the bag, our eyes have been opened, we have lost all sense of fear and Nigeria can NEVER be the same again.

The book: "A NATION IN TRANSITION" is an honest assessment of the political trajectory of Africa's most important and most populous nation that has been systematically subjected to all manner of horrendous experiences, about to disintegrate with obvious regional and global consequences. It is one of the meticulous accounts of a people, albert, “ a section of the country”  to unleash a fresh abomination unto humanity, which, if allowed to happen, will make the Rwandan genocide, and/or even that of the Jews, a child's play.

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Charles Nnaemeka Akujieze is a freelancer, author, administrator, philosopher, political analyst and erstwhile lecturer in policy and strategic studies. He holds a diploma, Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons) Philosophy, Master of Science (M.Sc. Hons) Political Science and Administration, and he is an Associate Member, Nigeria Institute of Management (AMNIM).

He has written four published books and many unpublished ones which included but not limited to the following – Nigeria: Challenges before a Bewildered Nation, Money and Morals: Can You Have Both? Anti-Christ and the Church, Nigeria: An Experiment in Nation Building; and then this current one, A Nation in Transition. Three of these works have won literary awards.

Charles Akujieze is currently the Director/CEO of Urukanachukwu Heritage Worldwide.

 He is married to Juliet Akujieze, and the marriage is blessed with four godly, gifted children – Shekinah, Shalom, Fortune and David.