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After All Yours

Author Name: Ka. Parina Sri & Mohammed Niyaz | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The Anthology "After All Yours" beautifully describes the love of that one constant person in our life. The Compilers of this book are KA Parina Sri and Mohammed Niyaz.

Love is not only a feeling but an emotion. It is something that cannot be purchased from a store. Love cannot be seen but when it is true and full of purity, it can be definitely felt. Even if you're surrounded by many people in your life, there will be that one person in your life who is really special. 

That one important person in your life who loves you with all your flaws, he / she loves you despite of the way you are and the way you look. If he / she loves you even when you're at your worst and accepts the imperfections in you, that is known as 'pure love'.

The book contains amazing write ups written by various co - authors all around the world.

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Ka. Parina Sri & Mohammed Niyaz

Mohammed Niyaz hails from Mumbai - The City Of Dreams. He often loves to write poetries and short music video stories for his own youtube channel. Apart from this Mohammed is currently working on his upcoming anthologies, as well writing poetries since 2013. You can find him on facebook/mohammed niyaz as well on instagram @niyazsks. 

KA. Parinasri is a passionate writer from Chennai. Writing makes her pressure go away. She believes anyone could hurt, but her companion so-called Books can never hurt. She would like to thank her parents and her Loveable Brother for supporting her rather than stopping her from what she wanted to do! For being the main reason for achieving her dreams. As well for standing beside her in all the ups and downs.



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