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All of Twenty Nine A Book of English Poetry

Author Name: Ancy Johny | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Does poetry always have to be about broken love and sad words?
Well, this is where All of Twenty Nine stands out. 
It is a wholesome package of happiness, friendship, romance,
food, abstract, dream, fancy, fashion, stigma, new age and what not!
This is an entertaining read for poetry lovers encompassing 
a curious mix of fantasy and realism. It is rich in language
that is robust enough to keep you hooked. 

‘When light faded, 
We drank poetry 
And slipped
Into a deep trance.’

Paperback 140

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Ancy Johny

Ancy Johny is a writer based in Kerala. She completed her degree in dentistry and worked as a dental surgeon in Bangalore for a few years. The zest for writing took birth in her during her schooling time. She always identified herself as ‘the jack of all trades, master of none’. She refuses to be put in a box but rather likes to sway around in titles of a writer, blogger, oil painting and digital artist, emcee, home decor enthusiast and many more.

In a twist of events, during the pandemic lockdown, she tried a hand at coding. She now works as a coding instructor at Byju’s FutureSchool. Her perspectives about life and political views are strongly expressed through her poetry. She looks forward to writing more and putting her best foot forward.