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Avow of Wild King Bhumiputra Universe Series - 1

Author Name: Dhaval Bhavsar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Five centuries since the First Great War, a divine alliance of ancient and new Gods, along with Giants and Mankind, stood united against the relentless Daemons. Amidst this backdrop, we meet Dev Kumar Bhumiputra, an ordinary young free lander. Preferring solitude, Dev keeps his emotions hidden and upholds his unyielding commitment to duty and honour.

The foreign invaders, Coleman’s, destroy villages, enslaving the vulnerable, including children and women. Dev's peaceful life takes an abrupt and transformative turn when he is thrust into the role of Chief for the refugees within Gandhak city. An accidental successful covert royal mission ascends Dev to the esteemed title of Dharmasainik. The Lord of the purest mankind, descendants of divine beings, weaves a sinister plot by summoning dark sorcery and instigating a world-engulfing war.

Amid tumultuous events, Dev finds himself falling in princess love. However, destiny has a different narrative in store for him, as he surrenders to darkness. Will Dev honour the destiny prescribed by the gods or forge his own? Amidst this internal struggle, he remains committed to a promise – a vow made to combat the forces of evil. The world needs a spark of light in the dept of the darkest era, plague by seemingly futile lives.

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Dhaval Bhavsar

Dhaval Bhavsar is working actively in writing fiction and fantasy genre. He is passionate about the Genre and derives inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien and Amish Tripathi. Secured respectable educational knowledge in techie field but never pursued his professional carrier in I.T sector.

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