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Bayaan-e-Shikhar Gila Nahin Ki Sab Chehra Nikhaarne Mein Lage Hain, Shikaayat Hai Ki Bas Kuch Kaam Dil Pe Bhi Kiya Hota!

by Shikhar Balwani

Format: Paperback

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The Words Are Mine, but They Also Tell Your Story...

Some Express the Sorrows We Face, Some Celebrate Life's Glory,

I Write of the Beauty of Love, And the Anguish of Separation...

Not Just the Joy in Relationships, But Also the Hurt and Desperation,

Poems That Raise a Cry for Morality, And Dream of an Ideal Society...

I Talk about a Father's Pride, I write to Show a Son's Veneration,

``Bayaan-e-Shikhar',' Therefore, is All about Human Emotions!!

Shikhar Balwani is, in his own words: a journalist by profession and an artist by passion. Born and brought up in the central Indian city of Bhopal, Shikhar had a strong liking for poetry, language, music and theatre right from his school days. He moved to Mumbai after graduation and completed a PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Xavier Institute of Communications in 2005. In a career spanning more than 12 years, Shikhar has worked with some of the biggest global names in business journalism, having stayed in Bangalore and New Delhi. At present, he lives in Mumbai with his wife and a soon-to-be five-year old daughter. This book is his personal undertaking and has no links whatsoever with his employment.

Contact: b.shikhar@gmail.com

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