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Author Name: Srishti Mangla | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Blue is a collection of poems where you can let your emotions flow like a river- deep and profound. This anthology of ten evocative poems invites you to delve into the intricate shades of a woman's soul. From the poignant 'red wine stain on my little white dress’,  where love meets loss, to 'religion,' where faith finds its true home in love alone, and 'delirious love,' an exploration of love's depths from a woman's perspective.
'She who can't be owned' raises a powerful voice against gender inequality, igniting the fire of empowerment, while 'the gifted child' offers an intimate glimpse into the struggles of a brilliant mind.
Blue is the perfect read for a rainy evening where sadness transforms into art, and every verse paints a vivid portrait of a woman's world, making this anthology a captivating masterpiece of raw emotion and poetic grace.

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Srishti Mangla

Srishti, a student and multifaceted artist, finds her canvas in the world of words. Her journey, from composing her first poem in 5th grade to curating 'Blue' her debut poetry collection, reflects her passion for art in all its forms. Alongside her poetic pursuits, she crafts compelling narratives for the stage as well. A fervent advocate for gender equality and intersectional awareness, Srishti's art speaks volumes in simple yet profound ways.