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Boris – The Last Qahn Alive Unearthing the Spear of Neutrality

Author Name: Mubarak Sandhu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“Follow a positive and soulful approach to life, not a materialistic one, because that's what defines the real you and that's how you extract the most out of your life's teachings. Life teaches us at every step; Duty is ours, to look beyond the horizon.”
 - Mubarak Sandhu

There are a lot of things for which life gives a second opportunity to improvise and succeed, but making a debut in any field does not fall on this list. It happens just once, followed by repetitive attempts to thrive and achieve our much-awaited goals. Boris – The Last Qahn Alive marks my debut as an author. It makes me feel once again, that dreams do come true, and no target is big enough, for it can definitely be achieved with consistent efforts.

This fiction-based book narrates the story of Boris, who lives with a group of nomads but belongs to the legendary race of Qahns whose leader, Yura, once sacrificed his own self to save the kingdom and its people when attacked by the ferocious King of Seabed – Crato. Boris faces the same responsibility, which is to save the Kingdom of Ekaardus during Crato’s next invasion. He explores the Forest of Clyssia and Mountains of Vifus and learns immensely from his journey, while coming across unexpected creatures and situations. Eventually, he gets his hands on the Spear of Neutrality. What happens later, especially towards the end, is bound to make the readers ponder and wait for the sequel of this book.

Boris – The Last Qahn Alive is a novel for one and all – complexities of situations are put in rather simple words, and characters are described well to picturise them conveniently. Bifurcation of chapters is done for easy references and bookmarks, and brief poetic conversations work as icing on the cake, making the story more engrossing and tasteful.

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Mubarak Sandhu

Mubarak Sandhu was born and brought up in Punjab, India. He has been an outstanding sportsperson since childhood, winning laurels in swimming and basketball along with being a scholar student throughout his academic life. Mubarak graduated as a mechanical engineer and gained experience in various professions before stepping ahead as an entrepreneur.

He successfully established his companies for music production and event management but never gave up on his spirit to write. He also started writing his blog which is all about positive thoughts and contentment in life. Eventually, Mubarak has now fulfilled his long-pending dream of becoming an author with this book, Boris – The Last Qahn Alive.

“Contentment in our efforts, not results of those efforts,
should be the reason for our happiness.”
- Mubarak Sandhu