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Celebrity Crush

Author Name: Parimala Pearl | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

"Celebrity Crush" is an amazing book that takes us into the world of bollywood. The compiler of this book is Parimala Pearl. 

Now a days almost everyone is crushing upon a celebrity. We love those celebrities so much that even the smallest detail of them attracts our eyes towards it. Few of us are attracted by their personality, eyes, smile and their physique, while few of us adore their attire, their way of dressing up, glamour and much more to talk about.

Some of them crush so much onto a celebrity that they start to wish really hard to meet them once in a lifetime. Some of them even create fan pages because they love and adore those celebrities so much. Also, some of the fans while watching their favourite celebrity's movie even get lost into it.

The anthology has write ups written by amazing co - authors where they've shared about their celebrity crush and what qualities do they adore about them. 

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Parimala Pearl

Parimala Pearl (Parimala Jeripothula)is a dearest daughter of Jeripothula Yacob and Salomi,She was born on 23 September 1996,She lives in the Warangal which is a warrior land of Telangana,She did master's in Organic Chemistry,Her hobbies are Writing,Drawing,Cooking and Gardening [craft works],She Co-authored and Compiled 30+ anthologies.She is a free bird flying high to touch the Sky where as Family and Friends are her strongest wings,She loves mankind and gives huge respect and support to the helping hands.

Simple Motto of her life is:

Stop Expecting from the People and Start Empowering the people.



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