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Champion A dream to become a footballer

by Shabana Sayed

Format: Paperback

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Sometimes the person who hurts us the most is the one standing beside us during tough times. The scars they give us are forgotten, and this is what is unveiled in the story. Vikas is a boy from a small village with big dreams of earning a reputation for himself in the sports world. However, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to become a legend in football.

Innocently thinking that the world is the reflection of himself, he isn’t aware of the people who secretly envy his dream to achieve a milestone in his life. However, the worst enemy he faces is the person who heals his wounds and is with him through every step of success.

Vikas is worried about travelling to different countries. Whenever Vikas needs him he is always there. The whole world considers Vikas a champion as he ensured his team won the World Cup though Vikas himself considers him to be the real champion.







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