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Cow On The Ice

Author Name: Srinivasan G. Chari | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

‘Cow on the Ice’ is amply a metaphorical expression of the bovine yet innocuous entity the world is referred to as. Its vulnerability to the societal menaces is on the brink of the consequent detestable happenings all around.  

The world is beautiful, despite the insurgencies, injustices, violations of the laws of the universe, and the transgressions inflicted on it in some way or the other. But to eliminate the social wrongfulness, political clouts and vendettas, unrests, inequalities, discriminations, racism, violence, and the aftermath of such visceral wrath need to be addressed in-depth. Thus addressing such social, poignant, and serious issues necessitate several platforms to discuss or create redacts and scribes to disseminate them to people. 

Cow On The Ice is one of such humble efforts towards it, in the form of creative essays that analyzes the issues incisively.  

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Srinivasan G. Chari

Srinivasan Chari comprises over a decade and a half of the far-reaching exposure in content areas, writing from features and editorials to the humongous world of corporate communications tools.
He has been consummate with crafting Advertorials, Press Releases, Presentations, Authored Articles, Business Writing, Content Writing and Development, and so on.

He has been proactive towards contributing to Corporate Organizations and Publications; besides, his involvement in Public Relations, Press & Media Communication, and Co-ordinations, and so on, for NGOs and Institutions.