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Cyrus the Great: A Life in One Volume

Author Name: Golu Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

One of the greatest leaders the world had ever known, Cyrus II of Persia was the one who subsequent empire builders would emulate. All of them made an effort to fill Cyrus' enormous shoes, from Alexander the Great to numerous Roman emperors and Ottoman sultans.

Recognized for being a great liberator as well as a successful conqueror, Cyrus the Great is known for more than just his victories. He was even given credit in the Bible for releasing the Jews from their protracted exile in Babylon. The moment he passed away, more land and people were under Cyrus' authority than ever before. Numerous principalities, nations, ethnic groups, and faiths of every type were ruled by him. Contrary to many previous strong leaders, Cyrus did not want to oppress his people or meddle in their religions, local customs, or way of life. For this reason, Cyrus the Great's compassion as a leader stands as his best quality overall, notwithstanding the greatness of his temporal conquests.
The history books continue to hold Cyrus the Great's life as an unmatched testament.

Learn about a variety of subjects, including Early Life and Legend.
With Love and Marriage the Persian Empire was born.
The aftermath and succession of Cyrus' Last Stand, plus much more!
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