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Dreamy Escapades Love Unleashed, Norms Defied

Author Name: Samar Sahan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Indulge in a captivating collection of short stories exploring the extraordinary power of love amidst various circumstances.

 In "Forbidden Office Romance," love defies ethics as an ambitious young employee falls for an enigmatic CEO. "Finding New Love" and "The Dream Vacation" unravel chance encounters blossoming into love. In "The Dreamy Professor," hearts collide between a professor and his student, leading to a complex journey in "The Dreamy Professor and Troublesome Virginity."

"Romance in the Wild" finds solace for a struggling couple during a trek, sparking an unexpected romance. "Tycoon Crush" and "Forbidden Fantasies" delve into tantalizing desires amidst struggling careers. "The Hot Young Neighbour" explores the magnetic attraction between a woman and her neighbor.

Discover the power of love in a bad relationship's aftermath during a forced vacation, leading to a promising future. The adventures of a couple fulfilling old fantasies with permissions unfold, revealing the unpredictability of real-life dreams.

This anthology paints a vivid tapestry of love triumphing over societal norms and personal obstacles, guiding you through enthralling twists that leave you yearning for more.

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Samar Sahan

Meet Samar Sahan: a New Delhi native with a passion for writing, photography, and globetrotting. Educated internationally with multiple degrees, he has lived in many enchanting places in the world including Paris, New York and Copenhagen while immersing himself in the art of storytelling. Samar's creative pursuits now take center stage as he embraces his love for life and crafts with captivating narratives. 

You can write to him at