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Dump And Other Poems

by MM Siraj

Format: Paperback

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These poems, if you could call them that, are a small gesture, a hand that taps you on the back gently, sometimes a nudge, sometimes a shove, to remind you there is more to life than prime time, more to life than knowing the color of some starlet’s panties, or being led by the nose by the manipulators - big business, the ruling class, organized religion

- to keep you quiet, docile and plaint and fatten you for the kill.

- From the introduction.

An eclectic collection of dark, bitter and angry poems that are also life affirming, from a poet who writes with no pretence

- straight, simple, with little or no poetic flourishes.

A self-confessed procrastinator, M.M. Siraj, moonlights as a copywriter to keep the home fires burning. When he is not writing, he is perfecting his Qigong moves or exploring the countryside on his acoustic motorcycle. He has published a collection of poems and novels which did not do his reputation any good. He lives in a small town in the state of Kerala, India.



Dump And Other Poems





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